Cyclic Oven Tower

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Product Information

It is a fully insulated cyclic oven tower that could be both used for drying or polymerization of slabs. The oven is heated by means of electric-driven recirculation fans that keep the temperature constant in order to achieve an optimum slab drying and/or a good resin polymerisation. It has the capacity between 30 (15+15) and 80 (40+40) slabs, depending on the customer's choice. The temperature inside the oven is constantly controlled. A program called Intellihot measures the temperature of the outcoming slabs and regulates the heating regime of the oven chamber in an optimum way. The feature called Headstart enables the oven to start before the shift so that when the shift begins, the oven is sufficiently heated and the operation can begin without any time loss. The humidity inside the oven chamber is measured in various locations with the help of a hygrometer and excess moisture is exhausted. It is controlled with PCs, inverters and sensors.

Technical data

Machinable slab width            mm        2100

Machinable slab length          mm        3100

Machinable slab thickness     mm         36

Installed heating power          kW          96

Slab storeys                              Nr.           between 15-40 

Installed electrical power       kW           125

Machine length (L)                   mm          8685

Machine width (W)                   mm          4500

Machine height (H)                  mm           between 3750-6000

Approximate mass                  Kg              8500-10000 arası

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