Resin Lines with Double Oven Towers

Product Code : 8

Product Information

ION resin lines with double oven towers are made up of two cyclic oven units; oven capacities depend on the requirement and the stone to be processed; usually 40 slab-capacity for drying and 60 slab-capacity for polimerisation are preferred. The system involves an AhtapotH automated loading robot that can load directly from the gangsaw trolleys. Also, the automatic unloading robot Vatoz enables operations without any operators.

Compared with the rival systems, our systems have the following main advantages:

1. Our ovens are cyclic, therefore energy requirement remains minimal. Also, as it is fully insulated, heat-loss is minimised. Therefore, our oven systems are extremely energy efficient.  
2. The heated air is blown over to the slab trays at a distance of 8cm, and conditioned with steel curtains so that the air remains around the trays. This way, the energy loss inside the chambers for the drying and the curing of the slabs are also reduced considerably. 

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