Yeni DAF Hattı

Ürün Kodu : 28

Ürün Bilgisi

A new and very cost-effective resin line with the new DAF Tower with external elevator, which offers best of both worlds. The movement mechanism inside the oven is cyclic; marble trays move up and are brought down with an external elevator. This way, while keeping the speed and energy efficiency, which normal external elevators cannot provide, the cost of the entire line is brought down considerably. The tower is the new DAF Tower, which offers an innovative way of drying and curing of marble slabs. 

The cycle time of this system is 2 minutes, which is significantly faster than any other oven tower with external elevator. The system involves an AhtapotH automated loading robot that can load directly from the gangsaw trolleys. Also, the automatic unloading robot Vatoz enables operations without any operators. 

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